“Chris Brown performs music as if his sole purpose in life is to tap his soul for inspiration and record it. A modern pop masterpiece. In the running for one of the year's Top Ten albums.”
   — Paul Hanson / Daily Vault

“A fresh new vibe… seamless harmonies and witty lyrics that just seem to roll off the tongue… a good listen start to finish.”
   — Catherine L. Tully /

“An aural box of delights that deserves to be adorning CD shelves nationwide…Now That You’re Fed sets the bar high and then hurdles way over it from start to finish… utterly poptastic!”
   — Geraint Jones / (UK)

“One of the top sublime power pop efforts of the year…”
   — Heather Browne / IAFYAF

“A gem…after six straight listens (on repeat), I'm hooked.”
   — Acquiring Satellite Signal

“Rich, sophisticated pop. The shimmering ‘All My Rivals’ is as wonderful a soft pop tune as you’ll hear all this year…The guy is an obvious true talent who needs to be courted and signed NOW!”
   — Tim Hinely / Dagger

“Fabulous voice, gorgeous songs & a great production make this one of the year’s very best. Gentle & lush, warm & delightful music for the heart & mind. Extremely highly recommended!”
   — Minus Zero Records

“Power pop of the highest quality…a thing of beauty.”
   — Papa Lazarou / emusic

“Songs that defy your expectations.”
   — Rob Nipe / Rocknworld

“A brilliant disc from start to finish, combining the delicate, poignant sensibilities of Elliott Smith with the lyrical cadence of Brendan Benson. Excellent stuff!”
   — David Bash / IPO

“A stunning debut…flat out brilliant. Front runner for album of the year in 2006.”
   — Alan Haber / Host, “Alan Haber’s Pure Pop” – WEBR Fairfax, VA

“Out of the blue arrives Chris Brown…vivid imagery, shimmering acoustics and haunting, rewarding melodies…Fans of intensely highly stylized power pop will fall down and worship at the Altar Of Brown…simply a stunner.”
   — Bruce Brodeen / President, Not Lame Records

“…the dude can write one heck of a Pop song…The vocals, which are layered and rich, remind me of the Beach Boys with a dash of XTC -- seriously solid singing…If you like clean, well-orchestrated pop you will love this!”
   — Renee Richardson / Host, KFOG San Francisco, CA

“Chris is one of the most talented lyricists working in any genre of music today. Now That You're Fed is quite simply an instant pop classic, a CD you must have in your collection.”
   — Bob Harrigan / Buhdge Magazine

“…already one of my faves for 2006.”
   — Craig Leve / Host, “Snap, Crackle, POP!” - KWVA Eugene, OR

“Brilliant! A rich, engaging record filled with sophisticated song structures, stacked on harmonies and an amazing warmth and clarity.”
   — Jeff Shelton / Host, “Mr. Power Pop” - KSCU Santa Clara, CA

“Power pop at its finest…a masterpiece.”

"Perfect power pop…effortless, timeless, classic, and just plain great. Chris Brown's glorious, sunny debut album is all that and more, a gorgeous record produced by Chris Manning of fellow power pop geniuses Jellyfish. Think the Raspberries, Big Star, McCartney. To hear this music is to love it."
    — Windy Chien / Producer, Apple itunes / former owner, Aquarius Records

“Dazzling…sensational…extraordinary. It stopped me in my tracks.”
   — Paul Liberatore / Marin Independent Journal

“Clever lyrics over catchy melodies…what might have happened if Elvis Costello joined the Beach Boys.”
  — John Parker / Just Good

“One of the more accomplished and inventive power pop debuts of late…One of the top 10 albums of 2006.”
   — Absolute Power

“Whoa. Those are some melodic harmonizing vocals you’ve got there Mr. Brown. Seriously catchy right off the bat, Now That You’re Fed is the type of album that surprises as much as Mike Tyson or Michael Jackson (figuratively speaking of course!)…timeless hooks and truly brilliant guitar pop riffs…The fabric of pop music won’t be the same.”
   — J-Sin / Smother Magazine

“His lyrics sparkle with wit and invention.”
   — Jonathan Leonard / Leonard’s Lair

“Perfect pop.”
   — Brian Ibbott / Coverville

“A beautiful album.”
   — Melopop

“A perfect sweet powerpop pie with the right ingredients…great harmony vocals and sweet arrangements. Imagine a mix between Jellyfish, Evan & Jaron, XTC, The Lightning Seeds and The Polyphonic Spree…”
   — Par Winberg /

“…the best Beach Boys style harmonizing this reviewer has heard in some time. Brown’s voice is excellent throughout in fact, displaying a kind of purity rare in modern pop music…If you’re a fan of McCartney, The Posies and Big Star in particular then this album is well worth tracking down.”
— Bill Cummings / GIITTV

"…truly unique.”
   — Douglas Newsom /

“Great acoustic guitar playing, nice piano figures and to-die-for harmonies…Imagine a square with Paul Simon's songwriting at one corner, the Beach Boys' harmonies at another, XTC's off-kilter lyrics at another and finishing off with The Beatles' sheer musicality…I loved it!”
   — Alan Jones / GRT

“… wonderful vocals…amazing harmonies…lushness of production…the perfect pop album.”
   — Indie Launchpad

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